Inspired by USA Head Start programme, in combination with New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum Te Whariki, We designed a home base programme, mainly focusing on children under 5, and pregnant women. The programme provide intensive comprehensive child development and family support services to low-income infants and toddlers and their families, and to pregnant women and their families.These programs are designed to promote the development of the children, and to enable their parents to fulfill their roles as parents and to move toward self-sufficiency.

The principles of early intervention and prevention are at the heart of our programme and our approach to tackling child poverty. We advocate early intervention moving from crisis management to prevention and breaking cycles of poor outcomes in people’s lives.

Evidence suggests that effective preventative intervention help to break recurring cycles of poor social outcomes, and prevent extensive and expensive responses from public services at a later stage.

In addition to the benefits for children and families from support in the early years, there is evidence to show that significant savings can be made to the public purse from effective early years interventions.

 Notably, a wide range of economic studies suggest that returns to early investment in children during pre-birth period and first few months of life, up to the age of eight years old are high, but reduce the later the investment is initiated. 

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